trevorHi, I'm Charlotte. I'm 19 years old and I'm going to university to study law next year. I started lifesaving when I was 12. I was a competitive swimmer, and whilst I loved swimming, I did not love the commitment and time required for it - early morning sessions? No thank you! Lifesaving was a great way for me to still enjoy swimming, and be able to compete, but not commit myself to so much training. Over the years I've progressed from a rookie, to competitions, to publicity officer and now an instructor. It's been a really great progression, has looked great on my CV and personal statement, and I continue to enjoy my time spent with Blondie and the team. I've managed to achieve some useful certifications, including my life support 3 which is well recognised and very useful for the workplace and general life.

I love being an instructor as I get to see other people progress in the way I once did. Knowing you're giving out skills that could one day save a life is a great sense of achievement - I feel you gain many more lifeskills here than at a 'normal' sport.


trevorI’m Jackie and I teach the Survive & Save group.  I first started lifesaving when I was at Uni and kept it up for several years – using my training once a year to supervise swimming at a camping holiday for women with disabilities.  After a long gap (when I had 2 children), I was ‘sucked’ back into lifesaving when my daughter began training and the club was looking for people to train as instructors.  I’ve been an instructor for over 6 years and I enjoy the challenge of teaching first aid, water-safety, self-rescue and water rescue skills in a (hopefully) fun way.  Being part of KLSC is fun because we offer our members so many opportunities by not just running pool based sessions, but open water training and the opportunity to go to competitions as well. 


trevorHi, my name is Trevor. I live in Bath and work in IT. I started life saving as a teenager in West London, to help with a Scout Badge I was doing. My older brother was in the same club, so it ran in the family. I stopped when I went away to uni, but my daughter joined Keynsham Life Saving Club a few years ago and they needed some extra instructors, so I volunteered. I enjoy instructing all the different aspects of life saving, but I particularly enjoy the summer evenings on the River Avon.



I'm a qualified Lifesaving Instructor Tutor (which means that I'm able to train instructors) and a National Water Safety Management Programme Instructor (which means I can train people to provide safety cover for open-water events). I first got involved in lifesaving when I joined Weymouth Canoe Lifeguards at the age of 15. I then went on to study at Southampton Uni where I became involved in lifesaving sport, and captained our SERC team to a silver medal at the world lifesaving club championships in Viraggio in 2004. My favourite part of lifesaving is the open-water lifesaving, but I also really enjoy taking our young athletes to competitions, and watching them excel against much older and more experienced competitors.