As club members you have a "duty of care" towards yourself and other people. This means that you should not cause them injury through your own acts or omissions. Whilst involved in club activities we ask that you act responsibly at all times - in this way we hope to ensure that we can all enjoy our sport safely.



  1. Obey the duty lifeguard and your group instructor at all times during club activities.
  2. Do not enter the water until your instructor is present.
  3. Pool Rules: Don’t run on poolside. Do remove all jewellery before entering the pool. Do take care not to interfere with other activities or other groups in the pool. No food (including chewing gum) is allowed in the changing rooms or on the poolside.
  4. Physical Fitness - You must inform your group instructor if you have any condition that may prevent you from safely participating in an activity. You are advised not to swim if you feel unwell. You must inform your group instructor if you feel tired/unwell/cold etc. at any point during club activities.
  5. Personal Ability - You should only take part in activities that you have been specifically trained for. In particular the following activities must not be undertaken without proper training and adequate supervision: casualty lifts, tows, entries, exits, rope throws, escape techniques.
  6. Landing and Lifting – When lifting or landing a ‘casualty’, an assisted lift shall always be demonstrated. Where an unassisted lift may be required, for example during an initiative test, this shall either be described, or simulated without lifting the casualty. Care must be taken by those lifting and the ‘casualty’ at all times.
  7. Diving - You should be aware that there may be a risk of damage to your hearing by diving to depths greater than 1.5m. All dives are undertaken at your own risk.
  8. Entering Water by Diving – when entering the water a safe entry appropriate for the circumstances must be demonstrated. When diving only a shallow dive may be used.
  9. Resuscitation - Rescue breathing and CPR should only be practised on approved RLSS Manikins. Manikins must be wiped with an approved disinfectant wipe both before and after each user. For rescue breathing on a live, simulated casualty, the rescuer should blow across the far side of the face. Under no circumstances shall actual or simulated Chest Compressions be carried out on a live, simulated casualty.

Other Rules

  1. Courtesy should be shown to other club members, instructors, members of leisure centre staff and the public at all times. Verbally or physically abusive behaviour will not be tolerated. Behaviour and Personal Conduct must at all times be of a high standard and reflect favourably on the sport and the Club.
  2. Members who arrive late for their session may only be allowed to take part in the session at the discretion of the Coach or Teacher. If you arrive late you may not be allowed to participate.
  3. Tell your instructor if you are going to miss a session.
  4. Members under the age of 16 must not leave the building unless accompanied by a parent or responsible adult and are the responsibility of the club only whilst on poolside.
  5. If any member is unhappy about anything to do with the club, they should talk to the Club Captain.